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Through our topic-led curriculum, we foster pupils’ interests and offer reasons and contexts for writing which encourages them to write for purpose and audience.  All pupils from Reception to Year 6 are taken on a writing journey, which provides opportunities for them to explore a variety of genres, planning, drafting and editing their writing.  It is our intention to broaden pupils’ exposure to high-level vocabulary to support them applying their understanding of vocabulary and grammatical features within and across the whole curriculum.  We expect the highest standards in handwriting every time a pupil writes in any subject and by the end of their time in our school they should be using fully joined cursive handwriting.

We have split our Literacy session into short focus sessions.  All pupils across the school receive daily focused sessions in Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation and Reading.  During these short focus sessions, pupils are taught key skills and knowledge, relevant to their year group curriculums.  The knowledge they acquire in these sessions is then applied during their English lesson.  This is their opportunity to implement and showcase their understanding, demonstrating their ability to apply taught concepts and skills in their everyday work.  We also promote the application of these taught skills in pupils writing across other areas of the curriculum.  Some of the strategies we use to support the writing process are Pie Corbett Talk for Writing, Jane Considine ‘The Write Stuff’ and ‘Sentence Stacking’ and Alistair Bryce Clegg ‘Writing Prompts’.  

To facilitate high quality teaching and learning, we use a diverse range of educational materials to enhance and deepen teachers’ knowledge and understanding ensuring that children are continually receiving excellent and accurate knowledge.  We use a variety of resources to support our writing curriculum, some are commercial available e.g. Little Wandle, Essential Spelling, Mrs Wordsmith, etc. together with resources that are bespoke to Caldecote e.g. our GPS ladder and Handwriting Progression ladder.   The Caldecote Reading Spine is also used inspire writing, ensuring pupils are exposed to a wide variety of genres and writing styles.

For more detailed information, please refer to our Caldecote Writing Curriculum. 

Please note: our writing curriculum is under review - we will upload more information in due course