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Reception 2021 (Red Class)

Welcome to Caldecote Primary School.  We really wish we could welcome you face to face, but we hope you find our videos and resources a useful way to get a feel for our school.  



We hope you enjoy our Red Class video tour below. It will give you an insight into life in our reception classroom and some of the wonderful activities the children experience.



Our vision for every pupil is that they

  • reach their full potential and meets the high expectations set for them
  • celebrate their successes with others
  • feel happy and secure in their learning and play
  • is enthusiastic, committed and engaged in all areas of school life
  • strengthen their learning with healthy, balanced diets and activity
  • work collaboratively as part of a community showing respect, consideration and support  for others

To enable pupils to achieve these aims, all staff are committed to:

  • using different teaching and learning styles which are inclusive of all
  • nurturing independent and motivated learners
  • creating a positive, supportive learning environment
  • providing a range of opportunities for pupils to develop their skills and interests
  • listening to our pupils and responding positively to their needs


To apply for a place at Caldecote Primary School please use the link on Cambridgeshire  County Council website.  Cambridgeshire County Council


The BBC also has a whole range of videos and articles on ways to support your child as they start school.  Starting primary school BBC Bitesize