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Raising Attainment Plan (RAP)

The RAP focuses primarily on raising outcomes for our children.  We focus on a small number of key areas that we consider will have a positive impact on raising attainment for all our pupils.  These areas are decided by analysing information that is drawn from many different sources e.g. pupil progress, SATs results, ASP, teacher assessments, DfE & Ofsted reports, research studies, etc.  These priorities are shared with all staff, parents and governors.  The governors play a critical role in ensuring we regularly review our progress and work within our agreed timescales.

As well as the RAP, all staff produce subject leadership development plans annually and these address the many other areas of the school that need to be monitored and developed.

In 2019 - 2020 we were working the following priorities: 

  • Writing: to improve boy’s writing across the school so their achievement is on a par with girls
  • Maths:  to continue to focus on developing mental calculation strategies especially multiplication tables and arithmetic
  • Maths: to develop challenge for girls so they achieve as highly as boys
  • Caldecote Curriculum: develop bespoke curriculum with progressive skills and knowledge
  • Subject Leadership: to develop leaders who have confidence to lead and inspire others
  • Mental Health: to become a mentally nurturing school
  • Relationships Education: to review policy and teaching

Due to the Covid pandemic, our progress has been delayed.  Many of these focus areas have been incorporated into our Recovery Plan which sets out our pathway to resuming a full academic and pastoral curriculum by Septemer 2021.

Leaders of all subjects have plans for the development of their subject across the school.  They are regularly reviewed and  monitored along with the link governors.