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There will always be a warm welcome for all visitors to our school.  Parking within the school grounds is limited to staff only, so if you travel to the school by car, please try to park considerately on the road outside.  All visitors must report to the school office via the main entrance, where you will be signed in and given an identity badge which must be worn at all times whilst on the school premises. 

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We are a one-form entry school which means we have one class per year group.  Our PAN (published admission numbers) are 30 per class, totalling 210 for the whole school.   Our catchment area is Caldecote and Childerley and the admissions criteria are in line the Cambridgeshire guidelines:
1. Children in Care, also known as Looked After Children (LAC).
2. Children living in the catchment area with a sibling at the school at the time of admission.
3. Children living in the catchment area.
4. Children living outside the catchment area who have a sibling at the school at the time of admission.
5. Children living outside the catchment area who have been unable to gain a place at their catchment area school because of oversubscription.
6. Children who live outside the catchment area, but nearest the school as measured by a straight line.

As we are a maintained school, our admissions are handled by the LA.  More detailed information can be found by following this link or by contacting our admissions team at:

Castle Court
Castle Hill

Telephone: 01223 699200 / 699662

We encourage families of prospective children to come and visit the school to make sure it is the right setting for them. Visits to the school can be arranged by contacting the school office on 01954 210263 or by emailing

The Cambridgeshire County website, where there is a wealth of information about education and other services in the local area can be accessed here.

Comberton Village College - Proposed Changes to Admission Arrangements 2019/20

Comberton Village College have submitted proposed changes to the Admission Policy for 2019 - 2020 to Cambridgeshire County Council.

The Annual Consultation of Admission Arrangements in Cambridgeshire will take place between 19th November 2018 and 13th January 2019.

This document is available to view from the County's webpage and following the link to:

5. Admission Criteria for Own Admission Authority Schools - 2019/20

Objections to any of the proposed arrangements can be made by completing the online response document no later than 13th January 2019 at the following link:

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