Staff Expectations

All staff and pupils have agreed a set of expectations, i.e. the minimum we can expect from our peers and each other.  We regularly review these through PSHE, class and school councils and assemblies.


  • Lessons should be exciting with different activities
  • Children must understand what they are learning and how they can be successful
  • Keep good pace and check progress during lessons
  • Let children suggest ideas, work independently
  • Use outdoors, hall, woods, village to add interest
  • Be clear what happens if work isn’t finished or up to standard
  • Follow the marking policy and include ‘Next Steps’
  • All staff dress appropriately for PE lessons
  • Apply behaviour rewards and sanctions fairly and consistently


  • On server prior to working week (Weekly, English & Maths) & at beginning of each half term for medium term plans
  • Label clearly and save in correct folders
  • Use school templates for weekly and MTP
  • All adults in classes must have copy of plans
  • Clearly show: What do I want them to know? What will I do if they don’t get it? What will I do if they’ve already got it?
  • Must include LOs, use of adults, differentiation, progression
  • Plan to challenge ALL and note focus pupils
  • Plans must change based on your assessments

Breaks & Lunchtimes

  • If on duty, be prepared and on time
  • Staff make sure classes go out and come in quietly and orderly
  • 1st bell/whistle, all stand still; 2nd walk sensibly & quietly to lines
  • Be outside promptly to collect your class
  • Children must not be in classrooms unsupervised; time out is outside staffroom, eating lunch at round table etc.

Classrooms, Group rooms, Corridors

  • Adults make sure areas are left tidy and resources put away
  • All areas to be kept neat and tidy i.e. no piles, surfaces clear
  • Workbooks must be stored neatly so they do not become tatty
  • Adults only to move laptop trolleys
  • Adults to oversee PE equipment collection / return
  • Adults to give clear guidance as to who is allowed in during breaks / lunchtimes e.g. first aid, choir, etc.

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