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Sport Funding

Below are our plans and reviews for this and last year.  

This year we are focusing the funding on the following:

Increasing daily physical activity for all children: we have introduced a daily 10 minutes of running / jogging for every child, every day.  We have two circuits for 1 miles and we are actively encouraging children to build up their stamina so they are able to complete a mile in 10 minutes quite comfortably.  Alongside this, we have also introduced zones across the whole of the playing area, including the field, and their are focused activities which will encourage physical activity, teamwork and enjoyment.

Competitions: we will continue to focus on the need for all pupils to engage in competitive sport.  We are increasing the number and range of intra-school competitions so pupils have the opportunity to apply their skills more regularly.  Pupils will continue to compete in either class or house teams with the points from these competitions being added to the school totals which motivates children of all abilities.  We also plan to broaden and increase the number of inter-school competitions we engage with.

Range of Sports: we will be purchasing some equipment and exploring hiring equipment for some more unusual sports so children broaden their activity base and develop their understanding of different skills that are needed.  Examples are archery and New Age Curling, two sports that require very different skills to the more mainstream, high energy sports.

Swimming: we will again provide high-quality swimming sessions for all pupils in addition to the National Curriculum requirement. We will build on the skills learned last year and continue to develop pupil's water confidence.  We will also undertake maintenance training (e.g. resuscitation) that is required in order to ensure we deliver safe teaching of the highest quality.  We will continue to monitor the quality of the equipment eg buoyancy aids, and replenish the equipment stock as needed to ensure maximum engagement in the swimming sessions. 

Sports Partnership: we have bought into the Sports Partnerhip offer from Comberton Village College which enables us to take part in a range of competitive sports and festivals.

Playground improvement & installation of trim trail: there will be an all-weather surface on another large section of the playground that is usually unusable during the winter months due to mud and unsafe surfaces.  There will also be a new 10 trim trail.  Both these will facilitate more physical activity both at playtimes and during PE lessons as half the playground will no longer be 'out of bounds'.