School Aims

Happy, Healthy, High Achieving

Our aims at Caldecote Primary School are that each individual child

  • reaches their full potential and meets the high expectations set for them
  • celebrates their successes with others
  • feels happy and secure in their learning and play
  • is enthusiastic, committed and engaged in all areas of school life
  • strengthens their learning with healthy, balanced diets and activity
  • works collaboratively as part of a community showing respect, consideration and support  for others

To enable pupils to achieve these aims, all staff are committed to:

  • using different teaching and learning styles which are inclusive of all
  • nurturing independent and motivated learners
  • creating a positive, supportive learning environment
  • providing a range of opportunities for pupils to develop their skills and interests
  • listening to our pupils and responding positively to their needs

These aims are underpinned and achieved through an agreed set of Expectations of Pupils and Staff - see Key Documents

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