Pupils' Expectations

These set of expectations were agreed between staff and children.


  • Be proud of all your workbooks (no doodles, best handwriting, neat crossing out, careful colouring, ruler for underlining)
  • Set out work neatly against margin
  • Long date for English work, short date for rest (1.9.15)
  • Write date, title, learning objective on separate lines
  • Use quality tools i.e. sharp pencils
  • Look after reading books and keep them tidy on the shelves


  • Look at adults when you or they are speaking
  • Do not talk when others are trying to speak
  • Use your manners i.e. ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’
  • Walk around school quietly in register order
  • Be polite to adults, stand back and allow them to pass
  • Sit appropriately on your chair i.e. no swinging, no knees upon tables, no sitting on desks


  • Always listen carefully to adults
  • Be ready to learn (sitting quietly, pencil, etc)
  • Do not distract others by talking, fidgeting, not listening
  • Always do what the adults ask first time
  • Never huff or pull a face if someone doesn’t know an answer
  • Always work co-operatively and help others
  • Take care of property and keep your classroom tidy




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