Meet the staff

The children enjoyed drawing their teachers - some are very realistic (apart from the bright pink and yellow faces!).


Mrs Karen Stanton

Miss Becky Snelling
Deputy Headteacher &
Year 1 Teacher

Miss Jordan Baker
Year 6 Teacher

Miss Natalie Martin
Key Stage 2 leader, SENCo & Year 4 Teacher


Miss Laura Baggaley
Key Stage 1 Leader & Reception Teacher

Miss Meghan Turner
Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Carla Parker
Year 3 Teacher
Mrs. Catherine Jenkinson-Dix Year 5 teacher

Mrs Rachel Lione         
Year 1 Teacher

Miss Gael Cloughton
Reception Teacher

Mrs. Amy Craven
Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Vicky Miles
PSHE Teacher
Year 5 Teaching Assistant



Mr Jamie Segrave
Sport Coach

Mr David Thulborn
Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisor
Deputy Manager, Care Clubs

Mrs Tracy Purser
Year 1 Teaching Assistant


Miss Kate Meechan                  Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jenny Wing
YR & Y1 Teaching Assistant Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Jo Lydon
Year 3 Teaching Assistant  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Sarah Talmage
Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Sue Glasse
Year 6 Teaching Assistant

     Mrs Nichola Church


Mrs Emma Morgan
Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Nichola Church                   Teaching & Clerical Assistant
Care Clubs Manager











Mrs Lesley Whitehead
Business Manager

Mrs Carole Musselle
Clerical Assistant


 Mrs Karen Hibberd

  Miss Ellie Sears

 Miss Nicole Brazil





Miss Ellie Sears
Kitchen Assistant


Miss Nicole Brazil
Kitchen Assistant





 Miss Lauren Kelleher



Mrs Lauren Smith
Lunchtime Supervisor & Playworker








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