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Celebration Assembly

Every Friday afternoon at 2.45 pm we all gather to celebrate the good behaviour and achievements of the children.

We start our Celebration Assembly with an update on the School Team points.  Our teams are: Potter (Blue), Hagrid (White), McGonagall (Green) and Weasley (Red).   Children collect points throughout the week and then Year 6 helpers total these up ready for the announcement in assembly.  At the end of the year the winning team is congratulated and awarded the School Team Cup.

Star Awards follow the team points.  A child from each class is chosen to receive a Star Award for some aspect of behaviour or learning that has made them stand out that week.  There is also a Star Award for a child who is noticed behaving well at lunchtime; this could be for good manners, being helpful, being kind to younger children or including everyone in their game. 

The final part of the assembly is the 5* Awards.  Our 5* behaviours are:

Respect ~ Resilence ~ Readiness ~ Kindness ~ Hardworking

and teachers nominate children from their class for different reasons.  Children stand up when their name is called out and we share why they have been nominated.  Finally, two or three children are chosen to be entered into the 5* book and they receive a special sticker.

Children who achieve a Star Award or are entered into the 5* book are invited to the Headteacher's Tea Party on Friday afternoon.  


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