Woofyt - what is it?

Three Year 5 children were invited to a talk by Cambridge University Engineering Department to learn all about the Woofyt.  A woofyt is a 'Wooden One-octave Organ For Young Technologists' which is an innovative working model of a pipe organ that can be operated by children.  The woofyt was in Barton Parish Church and there were also children from Dry Drayton, The Vine and Barton schools.  Oscar Coppins has written his own report:

'On the 3rd October, Charlie Ward, Charlotte Hazel and myself went off with Mrs. Stanton to an engineering lecture on how an organ works.  There were some very interesting facts like ..... did you know that an organ uses a pump?
So the organ pumps air by power or a push pump.  The air goes into a big sack and a big pressure plate squashes the sack and pushes air into big pipes.  When you play a note the air travels up the pipe and pushes the air already in there out of the hole.  Low pitch notes have longer pipes and high pitch notes have shorter pipes.  Overall the trip was great.'  Oscar Coppins, Purple Class.


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