Stories at Six

It was wonderful to have so many children come back to school for our first 'Stories at Six' event.  They all dressed in their PJs, some with cuddly toys, and choose which story they wanted to listen to.  The children were amazed when they saw how the school had been transformed:
Blue class had a log fire to get cosy in front of;
the offices were changed into a doggy parlour and a giant bed;
Yellow class was very spooky with ghosts and ghouls all around;
the library had gruesome sights in jars and spider webs all over as the setting for the Spiderwick Chronicles. 
To enter Green class you had to master the tree branches and were greeted with jungle music and a tropical setting;
Purple had big comfy cushions to snuggle down on;
Silver was a crime scene complete with 'dead body' outline and police paraphenalia e.g. handcuffs, notebooks etc. 
Red class had all things gardening and to get to hear the story in Orange you had to negotiate the maze until you came to clearing complete with twinkling trees. 
Last but not least, tucked away at the far end of the school was the group room with space rockets and a washing line of 'underpants'!
After the first story, children returned to the hall for a drink of hot chocolate and cookie, and then chose their second story.
Thanks to all the parents who brought thier children, those who stayed and helped, particularly the PTA with the refreshments, and most of all the staff for making this a memorable evening - can't wait until next year!

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