Bronze, Silver, Gold!

On Sunday 16th February, Charlotte and Vinnie travelled to Littleport Leisure Centre to take part in a judo competition.  They were part of a small group of 4 players representing Comberton Judo Club.  

The competition was split into two events: under 12 and 12 and over.  Charlotte and Vinnie both competed in the very competitive under 12 section.  They fought very hard and Vinnie won a gold medal and Charlotte a silver.  As they both performed so well they were given the opportunity to compete in the 12 and over category which they both accepted.  This category was much tougher - their opponents were physically bigger and stronger.  However, they both performed really well and they both came away with a bronze medal.  This was more surprising as Vinnie suffered a head injury during this competition!

They both were superb representatives for their Club and we look forward to hearing how they progress in the future.


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